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Fire Rated Glass Door

Fire-rated glass is engineered to halt the propagation of flames and smoke, and, depending on its composition, limit the transmission of radiant and conductive heat. This concept, known as compartmentation, is crucial in fire safety. While various fire-rated materials offer protection, fire-rated glass uniquely combines this function with the ability to maintain full visibility, making it ideal for aesthetic, daylighting, and security needs.

Bullet proof glass Doors

Bulletproof glass doors offer unparalleled security and protection, making them a vital component in high-risk environments. Engineered with advanced materials, these doors are designed to withstand ballistic impact and prevent penetration from bullets or other projectiles. Combining strength with transparency, they provide both safety and visibility, making them ideal for use in banks, government buildings, and other high-security facilities.

Anti – Burglary Glass

Anti-burglary glass is an essential security measure for safeguarding homes and businesses against forced entry attempts. Reinforced with multiple layers and advanced technologies, this glass is specifically designed to resist break-ins and deter intruders. Its high resistance to impact and shattering makes it a reliable barrier against burglaries, providing peace of mind to property owners. Whether installed in windows, doors, or storefronts, anti-burglary glass adds an extra layer of protection to any building.

Fire Proof Glass

Fireproof glass is a critical component in fire safety systems, designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Composed of specialized materials, such as tempered or laminated glass, it maintains its integrity even in extreme heat, helping to compartmentalize fires and protect occupants. Used in doors, windows, and partitions, fireproof glass provides vital evacuation routes and helps contain fire outbreaks, making it an essential feature in buildings where fire safety is paramount.