What is Luxacote®?

Luxacote® is a new high-performance coating technology specially developed for metal architectural products. The revolutionary breakthroughs represented by the technology, as well as the unique three-layered system and the three-coat/three-bake continuous coil coating process create a powerful coating system that provides more protection and adds more value to building products.

Why Luxacote®?

  • Stable Color and Gloss Create Long-lasting Aesthetics
    Various tests for color and gloss stability have proved the strength of Luxacote®, qualifying it for the highest category in accordance with the EN 1396 Standard. The color and gloss stability of metal architectural products has always been a challenge in the industry. The Luxacote® system provides an almost perfect solution to the problem by creating long-lasting aesthetics.
  • Unusual Surface Texture Gives a Unique Experience
    The slightly textured surface of the topcoat creates a special visual and tactile effect for the Luxacote® system, which can vividly simulate the natural textures of wood and bamboo, thus providing extensive design freedom for architects by going beyond the inherent characteristics of metal materials.
  • High Scratch Resistance Offers both Beauty and Strength
    The slightly textured topcoat surface of Luxacote® masks minor damages, including those incurred during installation, and keeps the exterior application looking beautiful. Scratch resistance, which most coating systems do not have, is of great practical value and can be used on the exterior/interior walls, columns and removable ceilings, which have frequent contact with people. Severe wind and sand easily take their toll on metal materials, but Luxacote® can make a difference.
  • Great Corrosion Resistance Provides Strong Protection against Challenges
    Metal materials face corrosive challenges in complicated environments, but the three-layered Luxacote® system offers excellent and long-lasting protection for them. Luxacote® meets the requirements for the highest category for corrosion, within the EN 1396 tested according to EN 13523-19. Building materials coated with Luxacote® give outstanding performance – even in the most difficult conditions in coastal and polluted areas, as well as crowded places like transportation facilities, business and public buildings – leaving other coating systems far behind.