Metal Ceiling

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FameLine metal ceilings provide an exceptional enthralling appearance to any room. With stunning colors, and designs, these ceilings will offer resounding impact to your settings. As it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors applications, you can enhance the overall look of your commercial and residential projects. Available in a decent variety, these mental ceilings can be an ideal choice for aesthetic transformation of your room. With its unquestionable durability and long lasting quality, Fameline metal ceilings have gained immense popularity as an economical choice for architectural transformation.


  • Durable
  • Wide Variety
  • Custom Design Leading Edge Facilities
  • High Quality Standard Competitive Price
  • Environmental Friendly

Tile & Plank Ceilings


Square or rectangle aluminum ceiling with clip-lock installation system that is easy, quick and durable against battering wind.

  • Clip-In System
  • Lay-In System
  • Hook-On System
  • Linear Grid System

Open Decorative System


Aluminum open-cell ceiling system with square cells that can be installed continuously without joints. Suitable for all type of areas.

  • Cell Ceiling
  • Screen Ceiling
  • Expanded Ceiling

Linear Ceiling System


Aluminum linear ceiling with straight edge allows, the user to install the ceiling in various patterns and directions.

  • Round Edge
  • Box Edge
  • V-Groove

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