Manual / Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Doors

Frameless glazing sliding doors provide easy access and exit while enhancing the architectural features of an entrance. Considered to be an ideal solution to save space and improves flexibility, sliding doors are widely used indoors and outdoors. We offer both automatic as well as manual sliding doors. The doors are controlled by an automatic operator unit and can be fitted with electric locking mechanisms which enable the doors to be supplied without patch fittings or rails. The automatic door unit can be fitted with special safety features such as Fail Safe or Fail Secure and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). The automatic unit can be linked to the fire alarm system to provide opening and closing functions in any emergency situation. Any access control such as swipe card, numerical pad, and finger thumb recognition can be incorporated in co-ordination with Building Management System (BMS).

Manual Sliding Doors

provide three basic types of sliding door systems:

  • Top Hung: These doors are hung from top hanger fittings with rollers fitted within the top rail to allow the doors to slide.
  • Bottom Track and Rail: These doors have integral rollers in the bottom rail which rolls on a continuous bottom track running the full length of the opening.
  • Bottom Track and Wheel: It is one of the innovative systems which allow a large diameter load bearing wheel fitted directly to the glass. The wheel runs on a bottom track.


These doors can be categorized as State-of-the-Art Revolving Door Systems. They are widely used for commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and institutional Use.

Salient Features
• A slim-line profile that maximises visibility and enhances architectural styling
• Assemblies that are among the industry’s best for minimising air infiltration
• Flexible design options
• A wide variety of materials and styles to choose from
• All-glass canopies
• Canopy lighting
• Custom handles
• Sliding dead bolt locks
• Overhead or floor-mounted speed controls and more


These systems are available with:

  • Bi Fold Systems:
    These Bi fold systems provide the open shop front look. The panels are hinged together and are hung from a top track on rollers. The doors fold back against each other when opened and stack against the walls at either end of the opening.
  • Stacking System:
    These frameless glass door systems have been designed so that the shop front or glazed screen can be converted into a completely open space, free of all obstruction during business and functional hours but closed and securely locked after non-functional hours.

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