Spider / Structural Wall

Structural glass walls offer the much desired support to the structure. Made of mechanical fixings and toughened safety glass, structural glass walls can enhance the aesthetic quotient and improves the performance of façade systems. It uses a range of fitting options to fix up in the structure to complement the overall appearance of the room.

Structural glass walls are available in the following varieties based on the assemblies, namely:

  • Ground Based Assemblies: In this glass dead load is supported by the floor. They can be fixed with suitable rails.
  • Fully Fixed Assemblies :Glass panels are fixed at the corners directly to the support structure, which can be steel, masonry or any other suitable structure.
  • Spider /Suspended Assemblies :The Spider assembly is the most versatile aesthetic structural glass system.

The top glass panels are connected to the structure by adjustable hanger brackets and subsequent lower panels are connected by special spider fittings at their corners. We also provide a complete glass wall solutions which is inclusive of design, supply and Installation.

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