While technology has continuously progressed, the manufacture of clay-based construction materials still centres on the three elements of fire, water and clay – as it has done for millennia. Exploiting all the age-old traditions, skills and workmanship necessary for processing the material clay, Niederrheinische Baukeramik (NBK) has developed the NBK facade system.

NBK is a ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system whose exposed components are made exclusively from terracotta. This was the key requirement imposed on the NBK development team by Renzo Piano for the Potsdamer Platz scheme – the starting point for the presentday NBK system.

The system components are manufactured so as to maximize shape accuracy and guarantee best fit. State-of-the-art drying and firing techniques allow a largely tolerance-free production of units up 190cm long. The NBK-Flex support system – a patented developed within the NBK product range – comprises a mere 15 individual components and ensures excellent integration of the system in any classical and comtemporary wall construction.

With its “Large”, “Mid”, and “Shingle” ranges, the versa-tile NBK-system offers architects maximum scope for creativity. Purpose-made project-specific developments provide designers with practically boundless options. The gobal success experienced by the NBK-system feature a NBK facade are prime examples for forward looking architecture.

Enthusiastic architects draw inspiration from components whose shape, color and finish may be suitably orchesreated to produce striking facade designs. Satisfied clients can delight in building of tremendous aesthetic appeal, while reaping the benefits of one of the most weather resistant construction materials available.

NBK has opened up a completely new dimension in facade design and received worldwide acclaim. Every new building serves as an impetus for further projects. What all schemes share is exceptional architecture.

Today, the NBK-system is used in all its variants across the globe. The most distinguished of architects have come to appreciate the tremendous creative possibilities offered by this terracotta facade system, which combines traditional craftsmanship with leading-edge manufacturing technology. Its ability to accommodate even the finest design details in terms of shape, color, texture and glaze paves the way for unique, tailored solutions.

Surface finishes:
Natural, polished, textured, peeled, profiled, glazed.
Curved surfaces can not be polished. Other surfaces are available on request.

Mass per unit area: 36-50kg/m2