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uPVC Windows & Doors

TwinPro Ventures brings to you a wide range of gorgeous and exquisite window designs that will not only change the look of your space but also protect your office/home from the harsh elements of the outside world.  The profiles meet numerous desires from budget apartments to lavish villas and commercial establishments – through structural design that can resist rough weather conditions and wear & tear, ensuring quality consistency and durability.

We produce high-quality uPVC windows to meet the customer’s expectations with high-quality material. We have the social responsibility to save our planet by not destroying the forest. While making windows in wood, we have to destroy lots of trees. So, our latest technology of uPVC windows will help to save the forests and substitute high-quality material for the customers.

Key Facts of uPVC Windows

  • Saves up to 40% of your electricity bills
  • Durable and Hassle-free installation
  • Multi-chambered uPVC Windows Profiles
  • Multipoint Locking System
  • Multi Glazing systems
  • Fusion Welded Joints

Benefits & Features

Windows usually use about 15 to 20 percent of the walls’ surface area. They add appealing looks and are often a vital facet of space and an important component in bringing space heating and cooling costs down.