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ALUMIL is the first Greek company of architectural aluminium systems to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver for a broad range of its products

After significant investments in the production of “green” recycled aluminium, the EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for integrated architectural systems and the honorary distinction “Most Sustainable Company in Greece 2022” as a company representing the sustainable development model, ALUMIL now becomes the first Greek company of architectural aluminium systems receiving the international Cradle to Cradle Certified® (C2C) Silver for a broad range of its products, validating their sustainability. More specifically, a total of 34 systems – including curtain walls, hinged & sliding doors and windows systems as well as a folding door system  received the C2C Certified® certification. This particularly important accreditation is the culmination of ALUMIL’s efforts and actions to consolidate a business strategy intertwined with the values of sustainability and circular economy.

Windows & Doors

ΑLUMIL has the ideal window & door systems for your home. Our wide product range, with multiple hinged, sliding, or bi-folding window & door solutions, incorporates all the expertise of our innovative Research & Development department and is characterised by top aesthetics and excellent functionality. Aiming always for top quality, ALUMIL’s energy efficient aluminium windows and doors are the first choice for new constructions and renovation projects in which compromise is not an option.A canopy is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without any of the uncomfortable side effects from the weather. You can escape the wet weather and the harsh sun with ease. A canopy that is attached to your premises can prevent sun getting into your home, thus reducing the heat. This will assist with cooling down your home in the summer months and reducing the need for air conditioning.


Thermally insulated hinged doors and windows system ideal for passive buildings, with impressive thermal insulation performance and great level of safety.


Lift and sliding system ideal for large openings, with impressive features such as high performance, great level of security and high aesthetics.


Advanced thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, which fits the best in extra high demanding energy building performance.


The most attractive residences have one thing in common: impressive entrance doors. Entrance doors lead residents and their guests into the house, while simultaneously protecting against unwanted “visitors” like the cold, noise and of course… burglars! ALUMIL’s entrance doors combine multiple design options along with high security level, high thermal insulation and exceptional durability. Our company offers many infill options including aluminium or glass panels and is able to meet the most demanding architectural trends and aesthetics.


Thermally insulated entrance door system offers very good performance, increased security and same-level surfaces for ease of access by children and the disabled.


Thermally insulated entrance door system is offered as a economically attractive solution which provides very good performance and great level of security.


Non-thermally insulated entrance doors system with very good performance and security covering a wide range of applications.


ALUMIL’s shading systems can be used in residential living spaces as well as in hotel or commercial facilities, enabling perfect integration in any architectural setting. Our range of solar shading systems offers not only better living conditions, but also energy savings, especially during summer, thanks to the reduction of energy needed for air conditioning.


Insulated rolling shutter box of outstanding performance in one single dimension 26x32cm. Ideal, not to say the only insulated solution, for constructions with very large openings and window systems with very wide frame/track.


A pergola system that is ideal for single, medium-sized pergola constructions, which embrace the bioclimatic philosophy and convert an outdoor space into a place of comfortable living experience.


A multiple structures, high aesthetics bioclimatic pergola with motorized rotating louvers for solar shading & rain protection


ALUMIL offers a wide variety of systems for the partitioning of interior spaces, ideal for offices, meeting rooms, banquet halls, etc. Minimal design and effective separation of interior spaces with high levels of sound insulation and aesthetics. The five partitioning systems are available in standard and slim version, double or single glazed (P150 Urban) as well as in various typologies, providing complex applications and are compatible with glazed, aluminum and wood panels, etc.


SMARTIA P100 Slim is a minimal aluminium-framed office partition with double glazing and excellent sound reduction. High aesthetics and a wide range of sturdy applications allow working conditions upgrade.


SMARTIA P150 is an additional proposal for office partitions, which consists of single glass panels firmly fixed on a “multi-leveled” aluminium framework. Quite light and with small or larger frames, the series has a distinct “steel look”.

P200 Slim

SMARTIA P200 Slim is a structural partitioning system with minimum aluminium face width and large glass panels hanging on the concealed aluminum framework, at both sides. The series offers spaces centration, rich lighting and undoubtedly modern aesthetics.