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dormakaba offers both Din Standard Mechanical locks (300 CE Series) and Self-locking Emergency Escape locks (SVP) which automatically lock doors after each closing.

SVP locks are either electro-mechanically or mechanically controlled and provide an emergency escape function allowing the door to be opened at any time in the exit direction by simply operating the lever handle or panic bar.

SVP 6000 (solenoid controlled) & SVP 2000 (motor lock) provide an access control solution with mechanical opening remaining possible at any time by unlocking the profile cylinder. 

That is why our SVP locks, certified in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125, are particularly suitable as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use in fire doors and smoke doors. When installing mortice locks onto fire doors please refer to the CERTIFIRE scope of approval for the locks, or where the fire door is not covered by the scope of the CERTIFIRE approval please always consult the fire door manufacturer before installing.